Where to Find
Remarkable Men 
No Matter Where You Live
Without Having to Date Online or Go To Bars
What You'll Learn
Learn where to find remarkable men 
Learn where to find remarkable men no matter where you live so you can improve your dating pool from disappointing duds to high-caliber kings.

Discover the simple way 
Discover the simple way to meet great men, without having to date online or go to bars, that has them taking the lead to get to know you.
The secret sauce 
The secret sauce to connecting with men who are clear on what they want and are as excited as you are about co-creating a life and marriage you both love.
Hi. I'm Theora.

I help single women who are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and public figures find and attract the romantic relationship they want with a man who will look at them like he is the luckiest man on the planet. 

I'm the CEO and founder of Truly Chosen, and creator of the Epic Love Club.

Truly Chosen is a dating and relationship consulting agency that works with mission-driven women who are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and public figures having a profound impact on humanity and the planet. Yet the one area of their life that feels like the missing piece is romantic love. We help them find and attract the a high-caliber man so that they can at last enjoy a relationship that is truly as extraordinary as the rest of their life. The way we do this is our luxurious, high-level events, programs, and private experiences.
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